Frequently Asked Questions

Voloco User Manual

Record your voice in Voloco

To open the recording studio in Voloco, tap the large plus “+” button.

Once you’re in the recording studio, to start recording tap the large red circle button to start recording. To stop recording, tap the red button again.

Check out the video we posted for more info on how to get started recording in Voloco.

Record video in Voloco

To record a video in Voloco, first open the recording studio by tapping the large pink plus “+” button.

Once you’re in the recording studio, you can toggle between audio and video recording by tapping the toggle button on the top center of your screen marked “Audio” and “Video.”

Here’s a tutorial about how to make a video in Voloco.

Audio delay

Audio delay while recording in Voloco is due to device/OS level issues. The app does not cause audio delay, delays happen because of the actual phone hardware you are using. There are several features in the app you can use to help with the delay.

1. We recommend recording with a wired headset – Voloco works best for all devices when you do this.

2. You can turn off vocal monitoring so that the delay doesn’t distract you. The vocal monitoring button is in the upper left hand corner of the recording studio screen. Turning off vocal monitoring means you can not hear your voice through your headset while you are recording, but your vocals are being recorded by Voloco.

3. You can fix the delay between the backing track and vocals *after* you record by using Vocal Sync. Vocal Sync used to be part of Edit mode (premium feature), but now it is free for all Voloco users. Here is a video explaining how Edit Mode works. The app looks a little different now, and the video also explains other capabilities of Edit Mode.

If you’d like to see subtitles for the video in a language other than English, go to Settings —>  Subtitles –> Auto Translate and then select a language to see subtitles in your preferred language.

Voloco Plugin

We’re excited to share a free public beta version of the Voloco plugin we are developing. Please visit our plugin page for information and to download the plugin.

(Android) Restore Purchases

To restore your purchases in Voloco on an Android device:

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to the same Google account you used when you purchased the preset package
  2. After you’ve confirmed you’re signed into the Google account you used to make purchases in Voloco, restart the app when you’re sure you have an Internet connection. The Google Play store can only restore your purchases if you restart the app when your device is connected to the internet.
(iOS) Restore Purchases

If you use Voloco on an iOS device, to restore purchases tap on Settings (it is a gear-shaped icon at the top right of the first screen you see when you open Voloco) and then tap “Restore Purchases” when your device is connected to the internet.

Share audio/video made in Voloco

To share a Voloco recording you’ve made and saved in the app, go to “My Tracks” and tap on the icon that looks like an up arrow inside a square (this is the “Share” button). The “Share” button is circled in yellow in the image below.

After you tap on “Share,” you will see up a dialog prompting you to share the track in many different ways. Select the way you want to share the track, and your phone should open the appropriate app.

You can share videos made in Voloco directly to social media. Most social media sites do not support audio-only posts. If you would like to share an audio track made in Voloco to social media, you can use a video editing app or program to create a shareable video with images of your choice plus your Voloco track as the video soundtrack.

Top Tracks or Voloco Beats submissions

Please submit your tracks and/or beats through our Creator Portal If your music is approved, it will be streamable by Voloco’s millions of users.

We want to deliver more than just plays. As we add more social features, you will be able to grow your fanbase in Voloco, connect with listeners, and promote your other social profiles like SoundCloud.

We review every Top Tracks and Voloco Beats submission. If your submission is a good fit to feature, you’ll see it marked “Approved” within a few days of submitting.

Contact Voloco Beats producers

For specific questions about using a beat, please contact the beat’s producer directly about licensing the beat from them. Beats are owned by the producers who created them.

You can reach the producer by tapping on “See all” above the beats you see when you first open the app.
Voloco Discover Screen with "See All" highlighted

Tapping on the producer’s name will take you to their profile, which has links to contact the producer directly through their social profiles.


Billing question

All billing for Voloco is handled through the app store you used to download the app. We never have access to any of your billing information.