Voloco got its start when Resonant Cavity co-founder and CEO Patrick Flanagan wanted to add live vocals to his experimental music project Jazari. This DIY robotic music ensemble featured drum-playing machines, custom-built controllers, and original synthesizers. Patrick thought Jazari demanded vocals that re-imagined the possibilities of voice processing technology. Drawing on his training as a classical composer, Patrick created a modern voice processor whose effects range from subtle to otherworldly. As an experiment, Patrick turned his voice processor into an easy to use app so other musicians and creators could apply his voice processing software in novel and useful ways.

Today Voloco has been installed by over 50 million people and helped create hundreds of millions of recordings. A talented team based in Minneapolis, MN (USA) works to add more capabilities to the app and inspire musical creativity everywhere.

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Here’s what people are saying about us.

“Voloco is easy to use, but it’s in-depth enough that it verges into prosumer territory”
Dani Deahl
"Super awesome app. I’ve made studio and radio quality songs just on this app."
Voloco User
"Thanks for making this possible, you saved me from buying a hardware solution over $500"
Mike Homan
Voloco User
"this app is the best!"
Stephen Chamberlain
Voloco User
"As an audio engineer for 10 years I have never found something so easy to use"
Nolan Ivanovkis
Voloco User